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After not napping for me the week prior, watching a movie on daddy's Kindle sure did work some magic on Monday late afternoon. Notice the blanket tab in his mouth. Most of the time he sleeps with a few blanket tabs in his mouth. :)

We had Olive Garden Sunday night to celebrate my father-in-laws birthday. We picked the meals that was Olive Garden's Buy one, Take one promotion. Monday night dinner was super easy and incredible!

My Spring Wreath craft earlier this week to spruce up the porch. Find the wreath here:

My boys eating the leftover cream cheese frosting I whipped up for the banana cake I made on Tuesday morning. 

Our child thought it would be funny to be fed like a baby from his sippy cup. Silly boy!

The weekend quickly appeared and the fun events for Graduation weekend began!

My chocolate pudding boy. :)

All dressed and ready to go to Graduation Practice. Oh how the bump is getting much bigger!

B loves to watch YouTube videos of trains on the Kindle. This kid is obsessed with them. 

He couldn't be outside while daddy was mowing and mommy was cooking supper so the next best thing was to pull a chair up to the backdoor and watch daddy mow his backyard. 

Being able to watch Toy Story while laying underneath the dining room table is a pretty neat concept to an almost two year old!

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