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One of my best friends made me this amazing cake for my graduation present. It was amazingly delicious! I seriously mean amazingly. 

I found a little extra time to get started on a book I've been wanting to read instead of textbooks. :)

A sucker and a swing at the park. His life is pretty good. 

My boy loves his trains. He gets pure joy from seeing them and hearing them. 

I started making a few of my wire and marble crosses. I'm hoping to get a few "Ready to Ship" crosses made up for my Etsy shop this week. Right now I do have some Made to Order ones listed.

This boy loves to swing. We bought him this swing to go on his new swing set. He informed me that he has a park at his house now. 

Again with the trains. He loves to watch trains on YouTube on his daddy's Kindle Fire. It needed charged so we had to plug it in, watch trains and eat our morning pop tar. 

Amazon Subscribe and Save is one of my favorites. B loved the fact that they shipped him this huge box. It made a lovely drum for a couple days. 

I absolutely love my front porch. I decided to do pink accents this year which goes perfectly with the dark gray, white and turquoise of our home. I'm in love with this color scheme!

Happy Mother's Day to me! I love this little man and am so glad to call him my son. Next year there will be two! God has blessed me so much as a mom!

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