38 Weeks!

Weeks: 38 Weeks Pregnant

Size of Baby Girl: About 7 pounds and 20 inches long.

Activity: She still is moving, moving, moving. She is in the head down position and has been for a couple weeks. So there is a lot of pushing pressure that isn't very pleasant but I am so glad to know that she is ready to go whenever we get to her day of birth.  

Fun Moment This Last Week: This last week Justin and I celebrated 3 years of marriage on the 12th. We loaded up B and went to Olive Garden after our 37 week 3 day appointment. It was a good little drive, but it was nice to be out as a family. 3 years have come and gone so quickly and we are so blessed to have a very smart, energetic two year old and a little girl that could be here any day. 

Cravings: Anything sweet and back to some good cheeseburgers. I could eat a cheeseburger every single day, but I don't. :) 

Weight Gain: Last appointment I had gained another 2 pounds in a week. The scales are not my friend but I know that I am doing all that I can to have a healthy pregnancy. I'm up to 45 pounds so far with this pregnancy. Hopefully she'll decide to come soon before she catches up with my weight gain with big brother!

My Activity Level: We walk. A lot. Some days I am able to go on a pretty long walk at a pretty good pace but I have started experiencing a little lower back pain which is making it a little uncomfortable. Of course I still have a 2 year old that wants to drag me around. :) I'm still fairly active for a 38 week pregnant gal! 

Baby Girl Preparation This Week: I have been working on small organizing projects throughout the house so that I feel better prepared. I'm not sure how prepared you can actually be for the arrival of a brand new baby, but I feel like whenever she decides to come we are as ready as we will ever be. 

2 weeks until DUE DATE 

I had to share a couple of photos from Father's Day. I love my boys!

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  1. Looking good, Shelbey! Enjoy the last couple of weeks! (Or however long she decides to stay in there!) :o)


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