Growing Our Children

When you are pregnant you count down the weeks. You become so excited to meet this little individual that God has placed inside of you. 

You want to see if she has your eyes, your nose, your lips, your ears. 

You want to hear her little cries, hearing her voice for the very first time. 

You want to hold her in your arms after you have been holding her under your heart for so long. 

You want to stare at her in amazement of what God has created between your husband and you. 

How can this little baby be so perfect? How did she grow so perfect inside of you? 

In that moment you realize she is yours. 

In that moment you realize God has given you an amazing gift of opportunity, an amazing gift of life. 

That sweet baby in your arms needs you. She will lean on you for everything, look up to you for everything. As much as you are in awe of her, she is in awe of you. 

As her momma, you are responsible for her. How will you help mold her into the person that God created her to be? 

God has a plan for her and her plan begins with the plan that He created for you as her momma. It's amazing how we are so interconnected, so relational. 

Sometimes when you are a mom you begin to question what your purpose is? We go through the daily motions. Diapers, feedings, chasing the toddler around, vacuuming up spilled snacks, wiping snotty noses, washing more dishes and then there's the huge stack of laundry. We begin to wonder, "how did I get here?" We feel like we have been taken for granted. Does what we do truly matter in the grand scheme of things? 

In these moments we need to look back. Look back at the moment we locked eyes with our precious children. Opportunity was given to us to raise children who love God, who seek Him, who in everything they do wish to praise Him. What may feel like a mundane job some days is actually an amazing blessing. Not only do our children learn from us in the teachable moments, but in the everyday ones as well. 

As you are folding that load of laundry with a smile on your face thankful for the clothes that God has given to your children, as you are washing those dishes that were once full of food that God has provided for your family, as you are vacuuming up the spilled snacks on the floor thankful that your children have the luxury of daily snacks, as you are picking up the scattered toys in amazement of how many God has given to your are showing your children how to praise and worship God in the everyday blessings. 

Do not take this time of your life for granted. Do not rush through this time of your life. Embrace it. Soon enough they will be raising children of their own. Be an example for them now. Show them love. Show them compassion. Show them praise. Don't take this opportunity of being a parent lightly. God has entrusted us with His precious children. 

Be thankful for these blessings in your life. Be thankful for that little individual that God placed inside of you to grow. Their growth does not stop when they enter this world. Continue to let them grow in Him through you. 

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