February ipsy Review

A lot of people were super excited about this bag and I wasn't overly thrilled when my glam room opened up. I was most excited about the blush and the lip gloss. You don't see the lip gloss in my photo? They forgot to send it. I contacted them and within a day they had responded to me and said they would send a replacement item but couldn't guarantee that it would be the lip gloss. Fortunately I received a shipping confirmation and it's the lip gloss! I'm very excited about that. 

That's the lip gloss and the color that I will be receiving. 

So here is all that I received:

1) Plump Pout Mini by POP Beauty. Retail Value: $8.00. I am receiving this in Peony Petal. I will be interested to see what this color looks like on my fair skin. I was hoping to receive the Fuschia Freesia for a little more pink pop. This is about half the size of the lip glosses sold on their site. There have been mixed reviews on this but my sister received one of them and she said that she really likes it. I can't wait until it gets here. 

2) Be Matte Blush by City Color. Retail Value: $2.99. I received this is Fresh Melon. At first I was really disappointed that was the color I received because I wanted the bright pink, but this is actually a lot more pink than the orange color it looks in it's photo. It looks more pink above since it is on a pink bag. ;) I really like this matte blush and have been using it every day since I received it. Plus knowing it is super affordable is a big plus!

3) Nail Polish by Zoya. Retail Value: $9.00. I received this in Odette. Again, not the color I wanted. I'm not a big fan of most of the nail polish I have received from Ipsy and this brand is not my favorite at all. I also do not like the color. I may be trading or regifting this little beauty. 

4) Eyelashes and Eyelash Glue by J. Cat Beauty. Retail Value: $3.99. I just don't use fake eyelashes. Ever. I'm a stay at home mom and I've put in my reviews that I don't like them. So I was pretty sad to receive these. They'll sit in my drawer until I actually feel like trying them out or until I finally surrender them to my sister. 

5) Velvet Gel by PHYTO-C. Estimated value of the sample: $16.00. Another item I was not excited to receive. I'm 24 and I know we are suppose to start using anti-aging type at an early age but I really could have used something else in my bag. I know it's an expensive sample so I may try it out or just give it to my mom. 

Total Estimated Value: $39.98

ipsy costs $10 a month. So this is a great value, but I will only really use two of the five items I was sent. I'm hoping next month is better for me!

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  1. We only got 2 of the same things! I got the lipgloss and nail polish. I really like the lip gloss and have been wearing it everyday. I just used the nail polish, I got the same color, and it surprisingly looks pretty good on my pale skin.

  2. Hi! I found you through Tracie's blog :) I got the Odette polish too and hated the color, but painted it on anyway. Surprisingly I liked it too! That lipgloss (I got the hot pink) was not flattering on my skin tone, unfortunately... but I'm jealous about that blush! Looks like a great color! Hope this next month is better for ya! :)


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