Five Minute Friday: Choose

This world is full of light and full of darkness. 

I am constantly reminded of that darkness with the news articles that swim around my Facebook feed. The horrors I see, the unbelievable words that I read make me wonder if our world is slowly sinking into a black pit.  

I read an article the other day about a poor baby girl who was sexually abused by her mother's boyfriend. He raped her. He strangled her. That poor baby girl died. She was four months old. 

I cried. 

The tears flowed quickly and heavy from my eyes. 

There was an ache that came from deep within my heart. 

What kind of darkness exists in this world that allows such horrific things to happen to innocent babies? What kind of evilness is lurking in the shadows around us? 

The devil is present more than ever in our world. 

However, we have the choice to allow God's light to shine. 

We have the choice to be His light. 

We have the choice to let the His light overpower the darkness. 

We can choose that light. We can choose to let the light win.

The only comfort I had for that sweet baby girl who died this week was that she was now safely secure being snuggled by Jesus himself in heaven. She was now warm with His light shining on her. She was completely absorbed by His love. 

The darkness will always be present in this world. 

Will you choose to be a light? 

Will you choose to be His light?

This is part of Lisa-Jo Baker's Five Minute Friday. You set a timer for 5 minutes and write. No back tracking, no editing...just five minutes of writing. These may not be the best quality of written blog posts but they are an exercise that every writer should try. They are challenging and fun.

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