Five Minute Friday: MIGHTY

Baby girl didn't sleep well last night and she even nursed twice in the night. We had our 9 month appointment yesterday and was subtly told that she shouldn't be nursing in the night anymore. 


I felt anything but mighty during that conversation. 

Even though we were told that we needed to choose our battles it's a battle that I feel we should be trying to fight, but I am just not strong enough to do so. When she is crying in the middle of the night and nothing will soothe her, nursing is the easiest. 

We were also told that at this age they begin to figure out how to manipulate their parents with their different cries. 

You can imagine who I feel like the mighty one is in our home. 

Hint: It's not me. 

Many times as a mom I feel like I fail, like I am weak. I feel anything but mighty. 

This morning I was feeling borderline mighty. 

We slept in today and I still managed to fix my kids and myself breakfast and get everyone around to make it to Bryson's Toddlers Gotta Move class. 

Bryson was excited about it all morning. He always gets shy in public, but tends to warm up quickly. That was not the case today. And as if the shy part wasn't already difficult enough to deal with while Remy was strapped to me in her carrier, he didn't want to participate. 

I felt like the mean mom saying we'd have to go home if he didn't start participating. However that backfired quickly. 

I'm SO tired! I wanna go home. He sighed under his breath several times. 

It was another time in less than 24 hours where I felt like I failed as a mom. 

I know it's not my fault, but my boy is so good at all the activities at Toddlers Gotta Move. We do them all of the time at home. He's awesome and we all know it. 

We left early. 

We got home and I told him that since he said he was tired he had to go take a nap. 

He didn't like that idea but complied. 

Ten minutes later I heard crying from his room. It was clearly the fake sobbing to try to get attention so he didn't have to take a nap. 

I went to his room, opened the door and sat down on his bed. 

What's the matter baby? I gently said while I held him into me. 

I'm so hungry and thirsty mommy. He said while his face was squished into me.

Is that why you didn't want to do anything at class? I said as a feeling of regret of being the mean mom came over me. 

Yes. I'm sorry I was sassy at class mommy. He said in almost a pathetic voice. 

I'm sorry too baby. I didn't know you were hungry or thirsty. I love you. I gently said as we crawled out of his bed to go get a snack.

I love you too mommy. He said as my mightiness was yet restored. 

Through his simple words saying he loved me I felt mighty again. 

Motherhood sure does take you on a ride of ups, downs, curves and sudden haults but in the end love is all that I need to make me feel mighty. I love and I am loved back. 

Bryson sitting on the doctor's stool at the doctor's office during Remy's appointment. 

This is part of Lisa-Jo Baker's Five Minute Friday. You set a timer for 5 minutes and write. No back tracking, no editing...just five minutes of writing. These may not be the best quality of written blog posts but they are an exercise that every writer should try. They are challenging and fun.


  1. My son is 1 and still nurses to sleep and nurses 1, 2, sometimes 3 x a night. It's only a season I tell myself!

    1. That's what I keep telling myself as well! One day they will not be this little and I'll long for the nights of waking up to cuddle and nurse Remy.


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