Fresh Express Salad: Review

I have been attempting to eat healthier lately. With spring and summer coming up, the "salad season" to me, I was excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with Fresh Express to test out their salad mixes and a few of their recipes using their new mobile app. 

I had a difficult time locating the salads due to my location and ended up having to drive 90 miles to what we consider "the big city" to purchase them with the coupons I was sent. I was able to locate them at a Super Target. I highly recommend you use the store locator to figure out where the nearest location is for you to purchase a Fresh Express salad. 

I brought the salads home and played with the app to figure out how it worked. 

The app is called their Fresh Express Salad Swap

There are several salad recipes on the app that you can experiment with. 

Craving a cheeseburger? There is a salad swap for that. Really wanting to eat blueberry pancakes? There is a salad swap for that. 

There are different salad recipes that you can put together in order to take place of what you would normally eat for a high calorie craving. You are cutting calories and eating healthier while having a similar taste to satisfy your craving. 

The home screen shows you how long you have been trying to do the salad swap. 30 days is the number of days they want you to try to swap a salad for a meal. On your main screen you can keep track of how many salads you have eaten, how many days you have been doing the salad swap, how many calories you have consumed for the day, how much exercise you have completed as well as keeping track of how many bags of Fresh Express salads you have purchased. If you enter in the codes from the bags you can earn coupons for future salad mixes. 

Pictured below is the home screen after my first day (over a week ago!) of the salad swap. 

The app itself is very bright and cheerful and I love the fact that you can push the button that says Try a Salad Swap and have different ideas for salad recipes right at my fingertips. I didn't find the calorie counting or exercise part of the app helpful at all. It is not as accurate as other apps I have used and it doesn't have a lot of food options that you can type in. You have to almost know how many calories were in each food item you were eating rather than being able to look it up easily. 

Onto the salad swapping. 

If you know me I am almost always craving a cheeseburger. I could probably eat one every single day and I'd be incredibly content. 

So naturally I wanted to swap a cheeseburger for a salad recipe that would give me a similar satisfaction.

Enter in their Bacon Cheeseburger Salad. It took me around 30 minutes to throw together and I subbed ranch in for the dressing since that is our favorite. My resulting picture did not look the same as their gorgeous one in the app, but it was delicious!

I took this salad over to my in-laws house to share and we all enjoyed it. The taste was amazing and I can see it something that we eat more often to swap out a meal with a salad. It is unlike any other meal I have tried before and I was so excited that everyone loved it. 

I also used the salad mix for my lunch salad with turkey, cheese, tomato and ranch and it was incredibly good. The mixes are of great quality and I really love the mixes. The only complaint I had was with the Veggie Lover's mix. It mentions snap peas on the packaging along with lots of veggies but I only had 3 snap peas in the entire bag. I wish there would have been more in there as it was a big aspect I was excited about the particular mix. 

Overall I would highly recommend Fresh Express salad mixes and testing out the salad swap app if only to test out some fun new salad recipes. 

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  1. I love Fresh Express salads! or any salad that comes with everything already in it, truthfully!

    1. So true! I loved the recipe ideas on their app. The bacon cheeseburger salad is honestly the best salad recipe I've ever made for a dinner for all of us.


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