Learning to Use a Sippy Cup

It's sometimes difficult to know when to start introducing a sippy cup to your baby. It becomes even more challenging because there really isn't a certain age where a baby is ready. Every baby is so different when it comes to picking up little skills like drinking from a sippy cup. 

My first was a baby fed formula baby. He took to the sippy cup quite naturally and absolutely loved his Zoli straw cups. He knew how to suck out of a straw really early on. He picked it up incredibly fast, but he was already eating cut up grilled cheese, bananas, whole wheat toast and more at 8 months old. It is a little crazy now that I look back on it. 

Remy Jean is currently 8 months old and no where near the grilled cheese stage! She is exclusively breastfed and has taken a bottle maybe ten times. However, she is starting to pick up the sippy cup skills more and more each day. We went to Walmart to find her a couple sippy cups and picked up Nuk's learner cup (only $6 at Walmart compared to Amazon's $9). 

So far she is loving learning how to use a cup all by herself. 

Here are some tips for your little one learning to use a sippy cup that I have picked up on between my two babies. 

  • Don't force it. Each baby will learn how to use a cup on their own time. Forcing just makes the skill irritating rather than fun and interesting. 
  • Give them a sippy cup early on just to play with. I started putting a sippy cup with some water in it early on with both of my babies around 5 months just to play around with it. They were able to get used to the handles, chewing on the nipple or straw and eventually figuring out how to tip the cup so they can get water out. Again, on their own time. After a few months of using her sippy cup, Remy now can drink between an ounce and two ounces of water during meal times if she wants to. 
  • If they are irritated with it either help them or take it away. If your child becomes frustrated try helping them put their hands on the handles and tipping it for them or feeding them like a bottle. They want to learn, sometimes they just need a little guidance. However, if your child is pushing it away just take the cup away and try again another day. 
  • Try different sippy cups. There are so many different styles of sippy cups on the market. You may have to go through a few different styles until you find the one that your child loves. Some babies are picky and some are not. When my first was learning to use a sippy cup and figured out the straw style cups he didn't want anything else. He knew how to use a straw and he wasn't about to learn to use another one until he was over a year old. 
  • Don't stress. At this age babies are absorbing so much new information and learning so many new skills! If your baby isn't on the right time line as the books or websites say they need to be on don't worry too much about it. The world wide web can freak a parent out. Unless your doctor is worried, you shouldn't be worried either. Enjoy your baby in this fun, learning stage. Encourage and love. 

With everything, have fun! Remy sure thinks learning to use her sippy cup is a blast. 

Do you have any tips for learning to use a sippy cup?

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