March ipsy Review

I get incredibly anxious to receive my ipsy bag each month. Some days that little metallic pink envelope really brightens my day. Perhaps it's the fact that I'm growing a make-up collection that I never had before or it could be that it's a package just for me. Many items I order these days revolve around my kids so ipsy is a $10 splurge that I really enjoy. Plus I don't like to spend a lot of money on make-up. This is a great way to get a really awesome collection of some nice brands. Most of the make-up I use every morning has came from my ipsy bags. 

This month ipsy sent out 4 items. Although some were a little upset by the fact there were only 4 instead of 5 items (ipsy does promise 4-5 items a month) I was incredibly excited about the items they did include. I will actually use them all! I have a small stash of items I've received that I won't ever use and really need to give away or trade for something I will use.

Here is what my bag included.  

1) bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in Get Ready. Estimated Retail on Sample Size $9. Size is .05 oz and the full size is .12. This color is really pretty on and it has staying power! I went to the dentist after applying this and my lips stayed a pretty rosey pink. It also smells really good. I know that's weird for lipstick but it truly does. I've been wanting to try bareMinerals lip products for awhile now but couldn't justify the cost so I was excited to get a lipstick in my bag. 

2) NYX Love in Rio Eye Shadow in Amazonian Babes. Retail value of $6. They sent out several colored trios and I was surprised by the color they sent me. I would have picked a more matte, neutral palette but the sparkle and darker colors of this one is intriguing. I'm excited to try it. I love netural colored eyes, but this trio may take it up a notch!

3) Chella Indigo Blue Eyeliner. Retail value of $24. I love this brand! Last time they sent me something by Chella I was skeptical at the price tag and knew that I would never buy it at full price even though I loved it. I am actually really excited about testing this color out. Indigo and cobalts are suppose to be big colors for 2014 so I've read and am super excited about. Blues are my favorite and dark blues are gorgeous on! They seem to compliment my pale skin, dark hair and dark eyes well. My favorite dress is a cobalt color so I can imagine I will love this eyeliner. It's a full size product and it is really good size. 

4) Pixi Beauty Flawless Beauty Primer. Retail value of $9. This is their smaller size of the beauty primer but it really is a great size to start testing this type of product out. I've never used a primer so I am glad to have the opportunity to test it out. Pixi Beauty has great reviews and so does this product. 

Total Value: $48

The value of this bag was incredible. Valued at almost $50 and I only paid $10 for the entire bag shipped. I'll take that 80% savings please and thank you. 

This is the kind of bag I would like to receive every single month. I will use everything in it and they are all great brands to test out. Now if ipsy will send out a pretty neutral shade of lipstick in the NYX brand to test out....(hint, hint!)

If you'd like to try ipsy sign up HERE

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