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Happy Friday everyone! Isn't this little girl adorable? I was so excited last weekend when we could pull some spring outfits out and then it snowed. It wasn't the beginning of this week that I was hoping for but thankfully it melted quickly. So we will be back to wearing these adorable spring outfits, thank goodness! 

This guy is completely aware of how cool he is. I was so excited to get his new shoes in since I was able to purchase them for $13 shipped. I love crazy bright colored shoes and wasn't sure how I would feel about this color combination but this kid can pull of anything. This was a pair of shoes I purchased before my spending freeze on all children's things--just so everyone knows! On another note, they are a size 11. I'm not sure my almost 3 year old is suppose to be in that size but we have went through more shoes than I can count with him. Also don't worry, he usually has his helmet on when we go for bike rides. Sometimes he jumps on that bike to ride the sidewalk in front of our house before I can get his awesome Triceratops helmet on. He picked it out all by himself at Target. 

As you can probably tell from the long sleeves and the pants, the weather did unfortunately become cold after last weekend. This kid loves to jump. He loves for his daddy to create different obstacles throughout the house for him to hurdle over. He cracks me up but he would rather jump than most other things right now. 

We also bought a new camera this month. Our very first SLR. I have no idea how to properly use anything on it but I am incredibly excited to learn. This photo of Bryson was taken with our new camera. 

This little girl loves the vacuum. I can only hope she will continue that passion when she gets older and can use it! I wanted to post this photo so you could see our lovely carpet. We actually ordered new carpet last month and should be having it installed sometime this month. The living room carpet isn't quite as bad as the kitchen carpet but it all really needs replaced. I can't wait until we can feel the soft brand new carpet underneath our feet. I'll probably become a little strict with shoes in the house. 

My mom found these adorable $1 buckets at Dollar General this week and I personalized them using my Silhouette. HERE is my post on that. They are super, super simple. I personalized a couple other buckets for one of my mommy friends too this week. I have been using my Silhouette more often lately and I'm loving the little crafts I am able to create quickly. 

Our week was pretty normal which is great. Normal is good for me because I know what to expect. We played with friends, I went to my Zumba classes, we had yummy gluten free meals and we enjoyed being together as a family.

This weekend is Easter and we are so excited to celebrate Jesus with family. I hope you all have beautiful Easter weekends!

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