Easter Day Recap

I worked really hard to make sure these two cuties coordinated for Easter and I feel I did a pretty good job. I sewed Remy's dress. It was my first dress I've ever even attempted! Even though it's far from perfect it turned out really adorable on her. I happened to be checking sales one morning and found Bryson's button up shirt for $7.50 shipped and I knew it would coordinate wonderfully with Remy's dress. So much work goes into preparing your children's Easter attire. 

Pattern for dress found here

Freshly Picked moccs found here.

Headband found here.

Bryson's shirt found here

Easter baskets are a tradition in my family and I am more than happy to carry it over for our children. Any excuse for giving presents. I love to shop for them! We do not do the Easter bunny though. They will always know that the Easter baskets come directly from their parents. They were pretty excited about their baskets this year. 

Here is a quote from me the day before Easter from my Facebook page.

I am overcome with gratefulness of all that God has given to me and continues to give. Praise the Lord that He sent Jesus to die for our sins and rise from the dead so that we can freely live in Him every single day. We are not separated from God. We are forgiven. We are given grace. We are His. We have been saved. Happy Easter everyone. God loves you all dearly.

I am so thankful for Easter and all that it means. Because of the sacrifice, because of the resurrection, because of His love for us I am able to understand, feel and experience the deep love that I have as a mother to these two beautiful children. I love being a mommy!

Many have seen my baby girl's blue eyes. She got them from her daddy. Aren't they adorable together?

This little man is always full of cheesy grins and I love every single one of them. 

Remy Jean began signing more over the weekend. She is really good at it. With Bryson I really focused on signing with him. I realized with your first you have a lot of time to dedicate to the one child. I haven't been teaching Remy sign language as much as I would like to but she is still picking up on it. Such a smart little lady!

We take our family photo every year and I love to see how our family grows. It's amazing how God continues to grow us as a family every year. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! What is your favorite part of the day?

Mine is spending the day with family. Justin's side and my side of the family are able to get together as an entire group and it is so much fun. I love everyone being together. 

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