Easy Photo Wall Art

It seems that every time someone comes into my home they always comment on my photo wall. I can understand why. It's an entire wall dedicated to nine large photos with no frames to distract from the people in the pictures. It's easily one of my most favorite decorated walls in our home and probably always will be. 

The fun part about this is it's easy to do and it's easy to change out the photos on the wall to update them. I love that I can change them out when I feel it needs updated. We have canvases in our home and I love them but when you children are growing so quickly it's nice to be able to swap out the photos in the frames for the newest snapshots of them. 

One of my best friends did a wall similar to this one which is where I found my inspiration. Thank you Tanna for inspiring me! For this particular wall I felt I needed something large and I love big photos. The ones on my wall are 16 x 20 and I think they are perfect. 

The frames can be found at Hobby Lobby near the area where the posters are located. You can't see it in the photos but the frames actually have little metal brackets that hold the glass front together. 

It's easy. It's quick. It's simple to change. It's affordable. It's a really fun wall. 

Below is a photo of the photo wall zoomed out a little so you can really see the size of the project. 

 photo shelbeysig_zpsa07f09d9.png

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