Easy Silhouette Rise and Shine Art

There has been a blank wall in Remy's room for the longest time. I had several ideas that went through my mind of how to fill it, but it just stood there all empty and frowning. 

Awhile back I bought these awesome fun shaped frames at Michael's while they were on clearance for $3 each down from $10. I had no idea what I was going to use them for, I just knew that I really liked the way they looked. 

My first idea for Remy's wall was to do some sort of wood sign that had "Rise and Shine" on it with most of the lyrics on it. I still wanted something fun along those lines. I had just downloaded some fun fonts on my computer so decided to play around with them to see what I could get. 

Out of some creative thought and figuring out how to simply do a project on limited time this adorable art was born. 

You will need:

Silhouette machine
Vinyl in the color of your choosing
Funky frame
Acrylic Paint
Foam brush

This isn't the best picture but you get the idea. Design a fun saying on your Silhouette program on your computer. Make sure you take the size of your frame into account for proper spacing and fit inside the frame once it's up on the wall. 

Cut out the saying onto your vinyl of choice and use the transfer paper to cover it so you'll be able to apply it to the wall. Go here if you do not know how to cut vinyl and use transfer paper for easy application. 

Prep your frame. I applied two coats of acrylic paint to one side of the frame. I didn't do the backside since it wouldn't show and it saves time. :) 

When your frame is finished drying use it to gauge where on the wall you should apply your vinyl saying. I applied my vinyl saying to the wall before hanging the frame up, but you could do it in whatever order you feel most comfortable. Once you are finished applying your vinyl to the wall, hang your frame around it and ta da! you have a beautiful new piece of art that was simple and fast to create. 

I love how subtle the saying is but how bold the frame is. I think it adds a little more femininity to my little girl's room. 

 photo shelbeysig_zpsa07f09d9.png

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