Spending, Budgeting and God

My spending has been a little more out of control this last month than usual. 

It all started with an amazing Carter's deal. Free shipping, 50% off on their site plus a coupon code. This momma has a hard time turning down great deals for her children especially when they are laced in spring trends and pictures in my head floating around of how adorable my kids would be in a particular outfit. 

Then there was this cute pencil skirt. For Remy. Not for myself. Babies in pencil skirts have got to be one of my new favorite sights. 

The movie Frozen was released. That was a must purchase as far as I was concerned. 

We took a trip to Wichita. Marshall's, TJMaxx, a trip to Carter's to exchange Remy's swimsuit for a larger size which ended up in spending more money on clothing for the kids. It could have been a lot worse but I still managed to spend more money. 

Let's not forget the spending on myself either. Yes, my children did receive most of our miscellaneous funds this last month, but I had my fair share of awesome scores as well. 

I also splurged on some new items for the house.

Zumba class for the month.

I could keep going on and on but I don't want to bore you with my entire crazy spending frenzy this last month. 

It's moments when I have to keep logging in numbers from all of these purchases to my budget book that I usually become stressed and frazzled. I usually become irritable. It's not that I want to, it is just my normal instinct. I like to keep everything accounted for and focus on what we've spent and what we have left for the month. It keeps a running total in my head and sometimes I become consumed by those numbers. Consumed by money. How much we have or how little we have left. I become consumed by the world.

It takes a toll on the adult in the home that must keep track of the family income. It takes a toll on the mind, the body and the spirit. 

Today I was logging in more numbers. I was updating that running total for safe keeping in my head. I totaled everything out to see where our money had went. How does it go so quickly? 

This usually becomes a high stress situation for me. I usually become a little more on edge, a little more prone to snapping at the loved ones around me. Money can do weird things to you, but today was different. Today the budget was full of thankfulness.   

Be grateful child. I have given you so much. 

A voice in my head was small but mighty. It could have easily been blocked by the loud voices of the numbers bouncing around but it climbed through. The voice made Himself known. 

Now when I looked down at the numbers on my budget book I saw something different. I saw gifts. I saw love. 

God gave my children an overabundance of clothing. He gave them a couple of Easter presents to fill their baskets. He gave my son a helmet for his bicycle so he can ride safely without letting his mommy worry about his precious head. 

God gave me gifts for myself. Gifts for me to appreciate myself as a mommy. Gifts to make me feel pretty about the woman of God that I am. Gifts of books to keep focusing on the Him on my journey in motherhood.

God gave our family important but not necessary items for our home to make us live more comfortably, more organized, more decorated. 

God gives us things out of love. 

He wants His children to be happy and allows us to be happy through not only His biggest and greatest gifts but through small ones, such as adorable little baby pencil skirts, as well. 

Thank you Lord for your gifts, for your love and for giving me new eyes for my budget book today. 

And just so you can see how adorable a pencil skirt looks on a baby girl...

This girl loves the dressing rooms! 


  1. I go through the same thing every month when I look back and realize I have no clue where the money went, but I had fun... I think.

    1. I know! Money just goes so quickly. I have to go back and calculate everything and I think "Seriously! How did so little cost so much!"


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