He'll Turn to Me

There are times in motherhood where I simply don't understand the question of what did I do to deserve this child? When this beautiful little boy smiles at me I melt in absolute gratefulness. When he says "I love you too mommy" I am overcome with happiness, joy and complete thankfulness that the Lord has allowed me the privilege to parent this child. 

When he came into this world after a very long labor, it seemed he just wanted to hang out in my tummy forever, I was overcome with the realization that I was a mom. I would always be his mommy and he would always rely on me because I was his mom. 

When he needed something, he'd turn to me.

When he wanted something, he'd turn to me. Or Grandpa if I said no, because we all know that Grandpa does not say no. Time has told that story. 

When he would scrape his knee and needed someone to make it all better, he'd turn to me for kisses and band-aids. 

When a girl will break his heart, he'll turn to me for comfort and love. 

When he receives the acceptance letter into his desired college, he'll turn to me for excitement, encouragement and he just better be ready for the kisses. 

When money gets tight and he can't afford much between school and his job, he'll turn to me to help him out. 

When he realizes that God has provided him his other half and he is ready to get down on one knee for that special woman, he'll turn to me for joy and possibly advice. 

When his wife and him find out they are expecting their first baby, he'll turn to me letting me know that I am going to be a Grandma and I will be just as excited as the day I found out I was pregnant with him.  

He will always turn to me and I will fully embrace every time he does because I am his mom, because I am blessed to be his mom.  

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  1. What a sweet post!
    I am the exact same way--the other day I turned to the lawyer and said, "I LITERALLY have NO idea how two people like us ended up with the worlds' sweetest baby!" Kids are so amazing! :)


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