Cheap Christmas Gifts: How I scored a KidKraft Kitchen for $1.43

It's June and I am busy checking my list, checking it twice and crossing it off! The best part...not only am I preparing for the upcoming Christmas season but I am getting amazing gifts at incredible prices. Having a small budget for your children does not mean that you cannot provide them with nice presents. 

This is Remy's big present. I paid a whopping $1.43 for it. You heard me correctly. One dollar and forty-three cents. 

Want to know my secret?

Shop Discover. 

Go back to this post to read how I use a credit card and a budgeting book to keep your spending under control. 

I use my Discover card for pretty much everything. The advantages of that is getting cashback rewards. Every quarter they have new categories where you will receive 5% cashback and everything else is 1%. If you like to shop online (raising my hand!) I always check Shop Discover. You simply go to their website, look up the store and click on the link. Linking up that way can get you anywhere from 5-20% cashback depending on specials that month. 

Shop Discover also allows you to spend your cashback directly on Amazon. I shop on Amazon frequently and some of the best prices can be found there so combining sales and Shop Discover allow me to get great gifts at a very minimal price...or almost nothing. :)

I had been saving my cashback bonus for a few months so that I could purchase Remy this adorable kitchen that I've been wanting to purchase since before she was born. 

If you'd like to sign up for a Discover card go HERE. You will receive a $50 cashback bonus for going through my link and I will receive $50 too. We could all use a little help with purchasing Christmas gifts. I know I'd appreciate it! 

If this link doesn't work for you, please e-mail me and I will send you a special link for you. I want to make sure you receive your $50! 

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