Happy 3rd Birthday Bryson Bradley!

I'm not sure where time has went. 

Three years ago at 5:37 a.m., after an incredibly long labor where my body and mind were so fatigued I was falling asleep and snoring between pushes, a 9 pound 4 ounce gorgeous baby boy laid on my chest and would forever make his mark on my heart. 

These last three years have flown by too incredibly quickly. From his first laugh, from his first steps, to his first words, sentences, stories...Bryson Bradley is growing up quicker than I can blink it seems. 

He is my firstborn and my first glance into the world of boys. As quickly as he is learning I am also soaking in the lessons, the love and the laughs that this child continues to throw at me daily. As much as I felt an overwhelming amount of love when I first laid eyes upon Bryson I also felt an incredible amount of fear. 

I feared judgement from others of my mothering skills. 

I feared my own mothering skills.

I feared knowing what my own baby would need.

I feared the world of boys. 

I fear no more. 

This boy. This extraordinary boy. He has made me toss my fears aside with a laugh. 

Oh, there are days he challenges me, but between him and the helping hand of God I have been molded into the mother I am today. 

The result of the last three years of being this marvelous boy's mommy...

A mommy who had no fear the day her daughter was born. 

A mommy who knows she is not perfect but that God loves her perfectly and allows her to be the perfect mom for the children He blessed her with. 

A mommy who simply understands that when others are struggling she doesn't have the right answers only love and a tender heart to their problems. 

A mommy who loves to laugh at the silliness. 

A mommy who looks forward to the days ahead with her children. 

A mommy who loves fully. 

Thank you Bryson Bradley for helping mold me. Thank you for these last three years. Thank you for being the incredible boy that you are. Thank you for challenging me. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for making me a mommy. 

Happy Birthday to my remarkable son! You, child, are amazing!

One day I hope you will read this Bryson Bradley and feel the love, gratitude and joy I had for you now and will have for you every single day of your life. 

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