Influenster: Venus In a Snap Review

I've had this product for awhile now. It looks all cute, small and easy to travel with. The's been sitting in it's little box for awhile because I haven't quite figured out what the real benefits of this razor are.

The main feature of this razor that is different than a regular size razor is the length of the handle. That seems convenient for your purse and it is, but the handle is also a little harder to handle. I haven't came up with a lot of reasons to carry a razor in my diaper bag or purse either. 

It may seem convenient to clean up a few stray hairs I may have missed when I get to the pool, but the truth of the matter is I have no need for it. I am too busy trying to handle and toddler and a baby at the pool to worry if there are stray hairs on my legs. 

I do not travel enough to use it on the go at different places, but I think it would be just as easy to throw a regular size razor in my bag. 

The only upside this razor really has for me is that it is 5 blades. 

I understand the idea behind this razor but for me the Gillette Venus Snap razor is not for me and I would not recommend it unless you were constantly on the go. A regular razor works well for this momma! 

Influenster sent me the "In a Snap" Voxbox to try out and give an honest review over. I was not compensated except for the free razor. All opinions are my own. 

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