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I love all natural cleaning supplies. If they work just as well as chemical filled ones, smell amazing and are safe to use around my children I am a big fan

I received a package filled with Ology products created by and exclusively sold at Walgreens. First off, their packaging is adorable. I love the way it looks natural but that their logo is a pop of pink. It's catchy and fun. The little drawings on the products are also adorable. They sure nailed their packaging! 

Before I begin with my review over each product and how much I loved it, let's review some fun facts about Ology products. 

Ology is endorsed by Healthy Child, Healthy World. This makes me smile because this is a nonprofit organization that is protecting children from harmful chemicals. I love knowing that there are products that contain no harmful chemicals in them. If I leave them out and my child accidentally gets into them I am not near as concerned as I would be had chemical laden products been sitting out. My child's safety is one of the most important aspects for me in most things in life so for this reason I only like to use products without chemicals. I love that Ology is associated with Healthy Child, Healthy World. 

Ology products are tree-free. I think that's pretty neat too. There are only so many trees in this world and I really prefer them growing. There is a time and a place for trees to be cut down, but finding other resources instead of trees is a very forward thinking concept. 

Ology products are made using plant-based and mineral-based raw materials. This is another important factor for me because again it means no chemicals! 

Ology paper towels are 100% tree-free. They are made with sugarcane husk and bamboo, which I think is pretty awesome. When Justin and I were married we bought a bamboo plant. It still grows in our kitchen. We read up a lot on bamboo and how there are some types of bamboo that can grow at extremely rapid rates. We ran across clothing made from bamboo on our honeymoon down the Florida Keys. It seems smart to use this quick growing bamboo to create products that we use daily. 

These paper towels are also biodegradable. 

I was excited to try these paper towels, but unfortunately was a little disappointed in their performance. I usually use a paper towel that feels thicker and absorbs a ton. I had to use two times more paper towels with the Ology paper towels to do the same job I normally do (wipe down the counters). 

I do like the fact that they are made from bamboo but I feel that they absorbency needs to be improved. 

I've been using the Ology All-Purpose Cleaner since it arrived and I love it!

This cleaner is free from all chemicals, which is not a new factor for me. I've been using chemical free cleaners for a few years now. Not only do I love the fact there isn't chemicals but the smell is amazing and this one did not disappoint. This cleaner is scented with Meyer Lemon and Lavender and it is heavenly. Nothing motivates me to clean more than having a fresh scent that is left behind. 

The cleaner is plant based and cuts through grease and grime. It really does. I've used it on my counters four a couple of weeks and it works! 

Ology laundry detergent has no harmful chemicals, is gentle on clothes and works in both HE and regular washing machines. There are two scents offered; Free and Clear and Spring Lavender Vanilla. Again, scents are naturally derived. 

This laundry detergent works just as well as my normal detergent plus I know it is chemical free and gentle on my children's clothes. I wasn't disappointed with this laundry detergent and would recommend it if you are looking for a plant based, chemical free laundry detergent. 

Overall, the Ology brand seems to be a refreshing option in the world of cleaning supplies. 

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