Our Love Story: Part One

Today is my husband and I's 4th anniversary. Happy Anniversary babe! 

Normally I would write out a long post filled with love, mushy gushy thoughts and use a tone that suggests how unbelievable a journey the last four years have been. However, I've been inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Little Miss Momma and decided it's time to write out our love story. 

So many people ask how we met and so what better way to commemorate this beautiful day than to let the world share in our love story. The best thing about writing out your love story is that it is different from anyone else's. There may be similarities but there will never be two that are the same. I'm breaking ours up into different parts. So you will have to keep checking back to read more of our love story as I write it out. 

This is the beginning of ours... 

We have a mutual friend who is pretty amazing. Yep. This is a shout out to you Tara! 

One day Justin joked that he was waiting for her to set him up with someone. Instead of taking it as a joke, she delivered. She thought that we would make quite the couple and hit it off.

So we added each other on Facebook and a few days later....

January 1st, 2010.

This guy.

And this girl...
Had their first Facebook conversation.

Yes. Those were our Facebook profile pictures at that time. 

I was nervous the night that a little conversation popped up on my screen with his name. I wasn't sure what to expect. I had scoured his Facebook page trying to figure out details on this man that Tara thought I would be compatible with. 

Some of the nerves came from the fact that it was a guy I didn't know. 

Some of the nerves came from the idea that a relationship could blossom from this conversation.

Some of the nerves came from the fact that he was 9 years old than me. 

I was a young 20 year old girl who had only had one serious relationship in my life, never been on a date with someone I wasn't already in a relationship with, never been "set up" with someone and who didn't have as much experience as a 29 year old man. That word hit me. Man. He wasn't a boy. Not someone who was close to my age. Would he think I was immature and someone who he couldn't connect with due to our years apart? 

The nerves were flowing. 

Our first conversation only lasted a few minutes. 

"Hellos" were exchanged. 

A very tiny amount of small talk was made. 

And then he had to go. 

Not much was said through our computers, but I had this feeling overcome me. 

This feeling that something was there even though hardly anything was said. 

This feeling that I knew would keep me up that night with my heart beating fast, my head spinning round and my stomach tied up in knots. 

This feeling that I needed to get to know this man more.

This feeling that he might be the one.

And that all came from a friendly exchange of our first "hellos". 

I knew then that I was looking directly at a slippery slope. However, I was willing to jump down that slippery slope and slide as quickly as possible. 

The bottom of that slippery slope could hold one of two things. 

A broken heart or a heart full of love, joy and hope. I was praying for the latter. 

To be continued...

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  1. Facebook is the best matchmaker! You guys are a beautiful couple! Happy anniversary!

    1. Thank Avery! I agree. In our case, Facebook was a great way for us to get to know each other. :)


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