Our Love Story: Part Two

We just had our first Facebook conversation and I was excited, but extremely nervous about getting to know more about Justin. 

At the time I was living down in Red River, New Mexico living with my aunt and uncle. I was taking online classes and working as a waitress. My days were filled with waiting tables and my nights were filled with working on homework and not so patiently waiting to see if Justin would appear online. 

I'm going to back track a bit. 

Justin wasn't the only guy that I was talking to or had been talking to. 

Before Justin popped up in my Facebook world I had met another guy online who was closer to my age, lived in Colorado, was very much into health and working out and was a model. We had talked online for awhile and he even had my phone number. We had been talking for a couple months on and off before I met Justin. 

I also had been talking with my very first boyfriend. Oh Jr. High love. We'd stayed friends through Facebook over the years and I always wondered if he wouldn't have moved if we would have stayed together. 

I was a little confused in the relationship department at the time. 

These were feelings and thoughts I mainly kept to myself. Actually I'm unsure how much anyone really knows of me being in contact with any other guys but Justin during this time in my life. 


Once I began talking to Justin things changed. 

Those phone calls from the fit male model became annoying. 

Any other thought of a relationship with someone else other than Justin seemed weird.

Something shifted in me. 

Something about Justin made me only want to focus on him. 

And so I did.

I would pretend to be focusing on my homework while staring at the "pop up" on Facebook that shows you who is online to chat.


Some nights he didn't show and my heart would sink a little.

However when I would hear from him the next night my heart would quickly fly high out of that sinkhole it had been resting in and wouldn't even dare to look down.

I wished I could stay awake all night long chatting away on Facebook with him. The nights that I had horrible internet connection and we couldn't stay in contact with one another were frustrating.

One night at work we were closing down counting our tips and finishing sweeping up the place. I was given four days off for a long weekend vacation. What was I going to do for four entire days in Red River? Homework? I mean...waiting around on Facebook pretending I was doing my homework so I could talk to Justin?

I decided to drive home.

I packed up.

I do not even think that I took the time to send Justin a Facebook message.

I drove through a snowstorm over the mountain pass where I passed two elk and had to stop several times behind cars driving slowly through the snow and ice. If I would have waited a couple hours, maybe even one hour, I'm not sure I could have made it through that mountain pass. Well I would have probably tried, but it sure wouldn't have been too safe. Once I got out of the mountain pass I was good to go with only one main thought buzzing through my head.

Somehow, some way, I have got to meet Justin in person. I have to see if what I am feeling through Facebook conversations is as real, is better in person.

I was determined to find out.

To be continued... 

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