Tanganyika: Our Interactive Zoo Experience

We were torn on what day to go. The day before Bryson turns 3 or on his actual birthday. Fortunately the weather decided for us. We went the day before Bryson's birthday. Another factor that was in our favor...he was technically still 2 so he got in free. Saved us $12!

Going to Tanganyika was a bit more on the expensive side compared to when we go to the zoo. It ended up costing us almost $50 for 2 adults and 2 children under 3 plus buying Bryson a wrist band that allowed him to do many of the interactive feedings and choose between a camel ride or feeding a rhino. He decided on the camel ride right away and I'm so glad he opted for that instead of the rhino feeding. We saw the rhino feeding begin and the slober coming from that intimidating animal grossed me out. I'm not sure Bryson would have done well with it. 

It was a really fun experience for Bryson though and although we probably won't go again in the near future it is something we will consider again once Remy is of an age she can feed the animals too. She was quite jealous of brother. 

If you can't tell Bryson was quite excited about his little green wristband. It was a great investment. You can either pay with tokens for the activities throughout the zoo or purchase this wristband for $10. It allowed him to feed the giraffees twice, feed the lemurs twice, do four feedings at the kid's petting zoo area, ride a camel or feed a rhino and two feedings of an aviary bird. I believe it was a lorakeet, but am not positive because we skipped that feeding. With an 11 month old and almost 3 year old we did the activities that we knew we didn't want to miss first before we tired out! With the wristband we received a $19 value for $10. I felt it was worth it. 

The goats were actually one of our favorite. That may seem silly, but it was the activity that Remy was able to participate in as well as Bryson. She loved being able to reach out and touch the baby goats. We stayed there for quite awhile enjoying the shade and the enormous amount of baby goat cuteness available. 

The camel ride. 

I was a little nervous when he said he wanted to ride the camel. 

I wasn't nervous about the camel. 

I was nervous about Bryson.

He is really shy around people he doesn't know. Actually, sometimes he's shy around people he does know too. But he took really well to the guy at the camel ride. He let him take his hand and lead him up the stairs to pick him up and place him up on the camel. He smiled. 

When I saw him up there I could see how big he really was. He's not really a toddler anymore. He's very much a young boy. 

The kangaroos were pretty neat. We were able to go off the paths and pet them. There were a few that were either nursing or had babies in their pouches so we weren't allowed to touch them, but there were many more that could be petted. Bryson loved it. I think daddy had just as much fun with all the animal interaction. 

We stopped back at the giraffes to do our second feeding before heading back to the car to have a super late lunch. Remy loved the giraffes. We went through the gift shop on the way out and she reached out to all the little stuffed giraffes. It didn't matter what other animals I tried to show her she stretched out to try to grab a giraffe. We walked out without one, but maybe one day she'll get a little stuffed giraffe to love on. 

There were several other animals to look at throughout the zoo although it is smaller than many zoos we have been to. The interactive part is really fun though and a different experience that all of us really enjoyed. I just included some of our family highlights. 

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  1. these pictures are SO good!!!

    1. Thank you so much! It was a really fun experience. :)


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