A Few Confessions

Confession #1--Baby girl has been sleeping in bed with us again for around 2 or 3 weeks now. It happened pretty quickly and she learned that she can manipulate mommy. She nurses once in the middle of then night. After she is done she flips herself hard so that she lands on the bed...sound asleep. No chance of moving her to her crib. Oh well! I don't mind the extra cuddles. She'll be a teenager before we know it and there will be moments she thinks we are the worst. She won't want to cuddle then. Also isn't her pink poodle adorable? She loves her puppies. 

Confession #2--I'm an overgrammer. As in...I upload pics to Instagram constantly. I guess I just don't want the world to miss out in any of the awesomeness going on in my world which includes my cute children. I mean...do you really want to miss out on the opportunity to see this sweet girl with that amazing happy face? It's all for you. You are welcome. :)

Confession #3--I've been wanting to grow my hair back out...until I saw this pic come across my IG feed. It's so stinkin' adorable! What do you think? Grow it out or chop it back off? 


Confession #4--I've been taking more selfies lately even if I am not sharing them all with the world. I think it's because I'm actually really trying to put myself together every day and I'm loving my outfits. Plus losing the baby weight and feeling more fit with working out is making me feel better about myself. One day maybe my kids will look back at all my selfies and see that their mom was confident in herself and took care of herself too. 


Confession #5--I bought these Birki's (Birkenstock brand...a little cheaper I believe) on Zulily's blowout at the end of last summer hoping I would wear them this spring and summer. I got them out this spring but just wasn't sure I loved them. This past week I've wore them every. single. day. They are my new favorites. Super comfortable too! I think I bought them for around $25. Quite the bargain. Comfy shoes can be cute!


Confession #6--I am LOVING PiYo right now. Today is Day 3 of my 60 day challenge but I've already done 10 workouts since I started getting into it a week early. It's also making me consider becoming a Beachbody Coach so I can help others with this program, but I'm scared to take that step. Lots of prayer will go into that decision. Any interest in me coaching you through this program?!


Confession #7--I think my kids are the cutest. 

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