A Few Confessions

Confession #1--This won't be happening until March but we already bought tickets for part of the kid's Christmas presents this year. I am SO excited. We went to Disney Junior Live this last Spring and had a blast. It's pricey to go to these events but it is so much fun to gift your kids an experience rather than a material gift. Or gift mommy this fun experience because I'd be totally okay with this being my Christmas present. Did I mention Frozen will be there too? Yes. I am a Disney geek. 


Confession #2--I'm a little obsessed with taking these kind of photos of myself. I honestly just can't believe the muscles I am gaining from PiYo. I have never seen results happen so quickly than I am right now using PiYo and Shakeology. And are you totally loving my new top from Fabletics? Because I am! Go get your first outfit half off by clicking on the link! 


Confession #3--I'm pretty sure that my son wears my sweet boots more than I do. 

Confession #4--I've never really loved the pool, but when your sister-in-law has a pool it's extremely awesome to go hang out there on the weekend. The more my kids experience the water the more they love it!

Confession #5--I have a shopping problem. Or at least a window shopping problem. I put things in my cart thinking I may buy it sometime. But then the budgeting queen in me comes out and the items in my cart remain there. I've been following The Shine Project for a long time now. They have these new awesome shirts they have been releasing for the last 7 weeks. Students that work for the Shine Project choose a quote for a shirt and the sales of them benefit their scholarship fund. It's pretty awesome! One of these days I hope to push the "buy" button. :)

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