Five Favorites: Fashion Trends

1) Little girl accessories. Oh my goodness! I could spend a fortune adorning my little princess in all the pretties that are so popular for little girls right now. This was Miss Remy Jean on her birthday when we went to the zoo. And because she is so used to her accessories. She kept her crown, her necklace and her moccasins on all day long. 

2) Hats. I took this photo yesterday. I really needed a style post because it was actually one of my better days of getting myself put together. I bought this hat at Target for $15. It's cute and I think I will wear it quite often. My husband thinks I look good in it. I also love my sunhat that I bought for pool days.

3) This face. She's been doing this a lot for the last three weeks. It cracks me up every. single. time. It's a fashion trend right? I mean... I see this so called "duck face" everywhere However, let me clarify, I only think it's cute on little girls. 

4) Modest swimsuits. I love that there are so many options for modest swimwear these days. Go here to read an amazing post about modesty.

5) Funky prints on pants. I bought these at Wet Seal, but I've seen them in so many places! I'm sure it is something my kids will look back on and say "WHAT WERE YOU WEARING?!" but I like them now. :) 

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