Happy 1st Birthday Remy Jean!

My precious baby girl is officially one today. 

This girl has grown me just as much as she has grown herself. She has given me a glimpse into the life that I want to lead for her

I love that God gave me a little girl. I can fast forward and see the first mommy-daughter pedicures, the first crush, the first girl's shopping trip, the first cheerleading try out and so much more. I can relate. I can understand. I can share in her interests. 

Remy is turning into a big girl. I cannot deny that. I see it in the way she smiles at me every day. I see it in the way she is plays with her brother. I see it in the way she toddles everywhere instead of crawls. She's growing up. 

I wish I could slow time down and I do try my best to keep her little. 

Sunday night after her birthday party with friends and family she woke up crying and bouncing in her crib violently sometime after midnight. I could tell she desperately wanted her mommy. I sat up and moved my pillow over so that part of it fell off my side the bed and turned to my husband with puppy dog eyes. 

"She's coming to sleep with us, isn't she?" he asked with a tone that reflected his upcoming defeat. 

"Is it bad that I want her to sleep with us just as much as she wants to come in here?" I asked quietly.

"Yes." was the only reply I received.

I went and grabbed my sweet almost one year old wanting to cuddle her up and keep her little. I laid her down in our bed and she immediately calmed down and quieted herself. 

"It's a birthday party sleepover." my husband said gently.

And I knew at that moment that he was fine with it too. 

The truth is it's so much fun watching your babies grow up in their first year and even though Remy doesn't sleep through the night and we pray that she will, we also pray that she will stay our baby. With that comes middle of the night cuddles in our bed and we are just fine with that. Let them be little...they always say!

This picture is pretty fresh from birth. It's the photo we sent out to our family when she arrived. The moment I saw her I fell into a deep love for this precious girl. It's amazing the love a momma feels for her kids from the moment they are placed in her arms. My love was immediate. It was strong. It was powerful. It still is and will forever be. 

Happy 1st Birthday my sweet Remy Jean! Your very first year in this world has been a happy one and I thank God that He placed you and your personality full of sunshine in our family. I love you!

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  1. I can't believe she's already 1! I remember seeing that picture on Instagram last year when she was just born--so beautiful! She looks a LOT like you in the 1st picture!
    Happy birthday, Remy!


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