Our Love Story: Part Three

I arrived in Kansas late that night. It was a long drive and I was exhausted.

I woke up the next morning and jumped onto Facebook. I pulled up Justin and I's ongoing conversation to let him know that I had decided on a whim to drive to Kansas.

I had a message from him.

He apologized for not being on Facebook last night because he had plans that came up.

I wrote out my message including my cell phone number.

One would think he may already have my cell phone number, but we didn't have each other's numbers at that point. My phone didn't work for text messaging down in New Mexico and we weren't quite ready for the phone call stage. Until now.

He called.

It was incredibly weird to hear his voice.

Weird in a good way.

But weird none the less.

Hearing someone's voice for the very first time is a very special moment. I had been falling for this guy through typed out messages, but had no idea what he sounded like. It had crossed my mind that maybe his voice would be awkward. Voices do not always match up to appearances. According to his Facebook photos I pictured a deeper voice. I would be incredibly surprised if he had a high pitched, squeaky voice.

Fortunately for me I wasn't surprised.

However my nerves were soaring.

We decided to meet almost half way in between both of us.

Dodge City, Kansas.

I had no idea what we were going to do, but at least we would be able to meet one another in person.

I went to Dodge City a bit early. I decided to go shopping.

Not that there is a lot of shopping in Dodge City, but there was more than what I had available to me in New Mexico. 

My sister ended up calling me saying she was headed there to get her belly button pierced and that I should do it with her. 

I did. 

And that's how Justin and I ended up meeting for the first time in person in front of a tattoo parlor in Dodge City, KS. 

Quite the meeting place, right?

For a side note I'd like to mention that belly button piercings and pregnant bellies do not mix well. It can also leave a scar. Just in case you needed to know for future reference. 

I was nervous. 

I waited impatiently in my Jeep blasting loud music. 

Then I saw him pull up in his pick-up. A pick-up he was quite proud of, I might add. 

It was kind of awkward. 

What was I suppose to say? How would he react from seeing me in person? How would I react from seeing him in person? 

I stepped out of my Jeep. 

He stepped out of his pick-up.

I'm not completely sure what happened at this point, I just know we must of said "hi" to one another and then I was in his pick-up trying to decide what the heck we were going to do in Dodge!

We decided to eat at Applebee's. 

I'm pretty sure I had a salad. 

Classic. Right? 

Afterwards we really had no idea what we were going to do. We were scrambling for ideas. 

This still happens today. We are both really bad about making decisions on a whim. 

After debating our limited options we decided to get back in his pick-up and drive to Tara's house (our mutual friend who set us up on Facebook). 

We didn't do much, but we did get to see each other act with other people and children. Eye opener for sure! 

Justin was great with kids. 

That won me over just a little bit more. 

At this point I knew I was in trouble. 

We drove back to Dodge so he could drop me off at my Jeep to part ways. On the drive I kept wondering if he was going to kiss me good-bye. I was nervous. My palms were coated in sticky sweat. Lovely. 

It was January and it was freezing cold so he got out of the pick-up and went to start my Jeep for me so it would warm up. 

We were both stalling. 

We weren't ready to part just yet, but we both knew it had to happen. 

He came over and opened my door for me. 

We stood out in the cold. Waiting. Stalling some more. 

Finally, a hug. 

I'm sure my shoulder slumped a little at the realization that no kiss was going to happen. 

I jumped into my Jeep.

We parted ways.

Well we went the same direction down the street. I just happened to be in the wrong lane.

The oncoming traffic lane.

In my defense, they were doing road construction and it was a little confusing. And it was dark.

It wasn't long after I got myself out of the oncoming traffic lane that my phone rang.

It was Justin.

There was only uncontrollable laughing on the other end. 

Just great!

First date and I do this. Hopefully it only made me more intriguing? Cute? Anything other than an idiot would be just fine. 

to be continued.... 

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