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The news of Robin's Williams' death has created quite the stir in our society. I was shocked as well. It is a hard thing to swallow when someone who appears to be a bright, confident and happy individual commits suicide. However, we do not always know the entire story behind the person. We do not always know what a person is truly going through. For some it is easy to continue to put on a front in public and even to friends when you are truly suffering and fighting a personal battle. 

I do believe that suicide is selfish but I also know that there are mental disorders, mental disease and awful personal battles that everyone fights daily. The devil is always at work. Depression is a very real situation that many people will battle at some point during their life. When we see tragedies such as this happen to celebrities all of a sudden we realize the importance of is there something that could have been done?

Here's the truth. 

We can all help with these diseases and personal battles that people fight daily. 

Have you done something nice for someone recently?

Have you said something kind?

Do you spread kindness wherever you go?

Do you speak positively of others?

Do you lift others up with your words and your actions or do you try to tear them down?

This suicide was brought to our public attention because it was a celebrity, but this happens daily with thousands of other individuals who do not receive a huge media following. 

There are kids who are being drug through the mud with hurtful comments. There are adults who long for something nice to be said to them. There are children waiting for someone to acknowledge them and give them an opportunity to feel loved. 

There are people who suffer.

Those people do not always look like they are suffering. 

They may appear to be the brightest most confident person in the world but they may be truly hurting on the inside. 

I pray that God is with Robin Williams' family and with all the families who have had family members who have suffered so much that they took their own life. May they find comfort and peace. 

There has been so much negativity on social media lately that through this tragedy I hope that others can find a little truth and show others some kindness and love. 

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