What I Love About Summer

Summer is not my favorite season. It never has been and it probably will not ever be my favorite unless I live in Oregon or Vermont or somewhere it is 80 degrees and in my world perfect. 

I walked outside this afternoon with my kids to load them up in the stroller and walk down the really far two blocks (you sense the sarcasm, right?) to the Post Office to grab the mail and thought to myself "I am so ready for summer to be over!" And that's when it hit me. Come January I will be begging for the summer months to come back for the warmth, the longer days and the beautiful green grass (or weeds in the case of our backyard) to play in. 

So I decided that sometime today I would make a list of the things I love about summer to create a positive thoughts within me about these hotter months when I am really dreaming of sweaters, the crisp breeze outside to talk a walk in and warm pumpkin bread. 

So here we go...

1- Baby Rompers. The cutest clothing invention for little ones ever.

2- Being able to spend time in our backyard in the mornings. In the afternoons it's a scorcher but if the weather isn't heating up too quickly our yard is shaded enough and cool enough in the mornings to get some good play time in and some energy burned off!

3-Summer Vegetables and Fruits. I love our local Veggie Cart and that the grocery stores are full of affordable fresh fruits and veggies. It makes eating healthier a little easier and better on the budget.

4-Flip flop tan lines. I don't like having my feet constrained in shoes even though I do love the fashion of them. I'd prefer to be barefoot or in flip flops.

5- Green grass, green leaves and flowers. I do love with the leaves change colors but I do not like naked trees. I love when they are full of bright green leaves and provide cooling shade from the summer heat.

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