60 Day PiYo Results and Review

Posting these photos takes everything in me but I am so excited to share my experience from my last 60 days of PiYo. 

Both pregnancies I gained over 50 pounds. FIFTY POUNDS! It was huge on my small 5'3" frame. I always felt a little awful with my appearance after birthing my babies because no one tells you that can still look pregnant after the baby is already out. The first time around it was more of a shock. I expected it the second time but still wasn't excited about it. 

With Bryson I lost all of the baby weight but my body totally changed. It took a lot of dieting and exercising but I got back down to that number on the scale I was shooting for. With my second child I got down to my pre-pregnancy weight before she was a year old however I was not happy with the way I looked. The scale said 137 pounds but my stomach said more. I kept telling myself that maybe it was truly just mommy tummy and I couldn't lose it. I had accepted my body the way it was because I was proud of growing and birthing two beautiful children but I truly longed for being able to become more fit and lose that mommy tummy. 

I kept seeing one of my new friends posting about this new program PiYo that was coming out. I was intrigued. My sister is a yoga instructor and I love her power yoga classes but never get to go to them. I liked the idea of a low impact exercise I could do at home that combined Pilates and Yoga. I've always struggled with flexibility and a little with strength so to be able to work on those two aspects while hopefully losing the mommy tummy sounded like a great idea to me. 

I ordered the program. I was a little intrigued with Shakeology since it is an all natural product, but I decided to only order the DVDs.

Two weeks later I had lost two pounds but several inches. I was so impressed with how I felt and the results I was already beginning to see. I knew I wanted others to feel this way, to see the possibility. I love helping others and it is so encouraging to see others reaching and achieving their health and fitness goals. I contacted my coach and became a coach myself. 

My Shakeology arrived and I was a happy camper. 

My results include 6 weeks of Shakeology and 60 days of PiYo. 

These workouts are intense. I wasn't sure that PiYo would be difficult enough for me to really feel like I was getting a good workout in. I quickly realized by the amount of sweat that was pouring off of my body how amazing PiYo was going to be for me. 

The first workout I did I also realized how many push-ups were involved. If you know me, you know I despise push-ups. Or at least I did. I modified every single push-up at the beginning and I'm happy to say that 60 days later I can do them all without modifying. I have never felt so strong in my life!

PiYo is the real deal. It works you. You become stronger. You become more flexible. You truly sculpt yourself with your own body. 

You don't have to just take my words for it! Check out my results through my photos! There is a crazy insane difference in my before and afters!

I ended up losing 6 pounds and 16 inches. I knew I had the inches to lose. I had no idea I had the pounds to lose. I wanted to lose around 2 pounds to be back to my wedding weight but I am now at a weight I was at when I was maybe a sophomore in high school. It's crazy and amazing! 

I'm starting up another 60 days of PiYo including the PiYo Strength and Slides (a little more difficult of a workout!). My new challenge group is starting up on September 22nd and I'd love for you to be part of it. 

The challenge group is there for you to utilize for support and encouragement on your 60 day health and fitness journey. I absolutely loved my challenge group! It kept me going and kept me accountable. I've never been able to keep myself accountable with at home DVD workouts before. My challenge group changed my outlook on working out at home. I'm now in love with it. 

If you are interested leave your info in a comment or email me at shelbeykendall@gmail.com

You can purchase the PiYo Challenge Pack here as well and I will send you an e-mail to see what your goals are and get you started on your fitness and health journey. 


  1. great job!!!! You look so healthy and fit! I also love the hair :)

    1. Thanks Tracie! I can't believe I was able to change my body and my attitude about health and fitness so much in 60 days! And thanks! Feels good to go short. :)


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