Before you unwrap that sucker...

After a long day my son comes up to me holding out a sucker...unwrapped. 

"Look mom!"

I know he sees me roll my eyes as I asked him "Where did you get that?"

"I found it. Can I have a sucker?"'s unwrapped. I see it glimmer under the bad lighting of the bathroom. It's bath time. I guess at least he found it before his daddy and I plunked him in his bubble bath. Plus there's the fact that the glimmer from the sucker makes it obvious that he's already taste tested it. 

"That's fine Bryson but please ask next time before you unwrap the sucker."

"Okay." He says with a hint of excitement but an undertone of disappointment from getting called out on eating the sucker before asking for it. 

How many times in life do we go through the same dilemma? 

You know. The dilemma of already unwrapping the sucker and giving it a taste before thinking to ask for it. 

It made me think of times in my life where I have done my own thing before even thinking of asking God. Those times are usually more important than taste testing a yummy pomegranate sucker, but it's the same type of dilemma. 

I forget to pray. 

I forget to ask God. 

I forget to seek His counseling, His advice, His knowledge. 

He knows what is best for me and yet I decide things without praying. 

Fortunately we have a forgiving Father and hopefully when I've made decisions on my own I only took one lick of the lollipop instead of chomping the entire thing! 

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Philippians 4:6

I had this verse written up on my chalkboard back-splash in my kitchen for months. 

Perhaps I need to rewrite this and hang it up in my home because it is an important daily reminder to talk with Him, to ask Him for what you need and what you desire. 

God will answer.

Sometimes it may not appear that He has heard you at times. Sometimes the way He answers you is not the way that you were hoping. Sometimes the answer is difficult, it's challenging, it's different than what you wanted your answer to be. 

His answer is the right answer. 

He knows what is best for you. 

Before you unwrap that sucker, seek Him. 

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