Blessed in the Mess

My husband came home the other day after work and all I did was give him some bug eyes and created some sort of explosion motion with my hands because it truly looked like some sort of toy bomb went off in every single room of the house.

He jokingly faked puking toys.

Because at this point in parenthood that's how we communicate.

The truth is our house is almost always a mess.

I try to keep up with it, but I go to the relief of one disaster and during that time one, two, three or more explosions have went off somewhere throughout the house. Which just creates much more chaos.

I'd love to hear from others that it gets better, but usually I am met with laughter.

Learning to let it go is difficult.

Learning to live in the mess is difficult.

Learning that the state of your house does not define who you are as a mom or as a wife is difficult.

I love when people come over to my house.

When it is clean.

When people surprise me and see the disaster that I truly live in I want to contort myself into a little ball and roll myself out my back door.

It's part of motherhood where we feel judged.

Judged that we are not doing enough.

I bet her house is cleaner than this. She's probably wondering what kind of person I am to allow my family to live in such a filthy dirty mess. 

Been there.

If someone judges me because my house is chaos we probably aren't friends.

If someone comes over and sits in the middle of the disaster happy as can be we probably are good friends.

If that someone starts folding the load of laundry that is piled up on my couch we are probably best friends. Ha!

Just saying.

The point is...the mess you live in is part of the stage of life you are in. Although the stage of life labeled as "motherhood" is one we never outgrow.

If your own kids are not making the mess in your home than you may have some beautiful grandkids making that disaster.

Embrace it.

Having a mess means you are living blessed.

Blessed in the mess.

You have wonderful children living life in your house. And yes, of course when I say "children" I mean your husband too.

Live the life God has given you. If you are too busy cleaning up everything constantly you are going to miss out on the moments creating that mess.

Let's face it. Creating messes and memories with your kids sounds like a lot more fun than cleaning up those messes every second of every day without remembering what funny thing your child said or inventing that new game with your toddler.

Your chaos is beautiful.

I dare you to see its' beauty today.

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