Sweetleaf Cola Drops Review

We were excited to test this product out because it's another alternative to sugary drinks, however unlike our last sugar free soda test we were quite disappointed with this product. 

We love sugar free alternatives and we have used several products that include stevia in them knowing that it is the healthiest alternative to sugar. This time around the taste was a bit overwhelming. I didn't taste much cola taste instead I just tasted something odd and I couldn't hardly swallow it. 

SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia Sweet Drops Cola is a healthier alternative to diet soda. Instead of using artifical sweeteners stevia is used. 

You add two drops of Cola Sweet Drops to your glass for every ounce of sparkling water...or to your taste. This is exactly what we did and it didn't taste anything like cola to me. Maybe it was bitter? Maybe incredibly flat tasting? 

The nice part is how portable the container is. If you like the taste, it's easy to take around with you to get your cola fix. 

SweetLeaf Sweet drops contains no carbs, no calories, no sugar alcohols, no methanol, no aspartame and no sucralose. It's all natural and gluten free. 

I wish I would have had a better experience with this product, but there is bound to be something that doesn't mesh with my family or I! 

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