A Look Back on This Year: My Favorite Posts

It's amazing how much you can grow in a year. I wanted to reflect back upon some of my favorite posts from the year by month. It reminds me where I have been and how God has worked in me and through me. I am so thankful that there are people who have shared in my struggles, my joys, my pain, my life through my blog.

This post was my favorite from January. It came at a time that I saw and felt a lot of tension between women on social media. Learning to have confidence in the woman that God made you instead of constantly comparing yourself to the women around you is difficult, but it's also freeing.

February Posts: A Letter to My Baby Girl
                          A Letter to My Son

In February I wrote letters to both of my children so they would have them from me when they were older. The part about blogging that I love is that my children can search back and read about their momma. They can see my struggles, my love, my joys, my weaknesses, and their own life with their mom and dad. It's special to me and a big reason why I write and why I strive to be real.

March Post: Living Bravely

Oh, did I mention real in the last sentence? This is what I mean. I don't hide my weaknesses. I just wrote a new blog post coming up this month with a verse in which we are reminded that God's power is made perfect in our weakness. God works and speaks through my weakness. His glory is given. This post was written at the beginning of a time that I felt very unsure of myself and coming to the realization that I have not always lived bravely. It's time to stop thinking about what others think. It's time to ignore the haters and embrace the stories, the experiences, the life that God has given you.

Saving money is a passion of mine. Honestly. If I don't have a coupon for it or it's on sale (unless it's food and sometimes even then!) I don't buy it. I've very big on living within our means. This doesn't mean I don't love shopping. I do. That's another passion. Fortunately I've found several ways I can shop while saving money.

This is a raw post on motherhood. This is a post that I think many mothers can cannot with. You are not alone. We all struggle in motherhood.

                   Our Love Story: Part One

For this month I couldn't pick just one. Our experience at Tanganyika was so much fun and I love the vibrant pictures we took. The second post is the beginning of writing out my husband and I's love story. I posted part one on our 4 year anniversary. I love reliving those moments.

This post holds a place dear in my heart. That month I was struggling with feeling like I had a lot of support through friends and I also realized how difficult the loneliness of motherhood could be. God also placed it on my heart to share part of my past because many of our problems we deal with in our present may stem from experiences in our past. I knew God was using me to speak to other women who have experienced similar situations as I did growing up. I also love that God can use my children to teach me and show me His love, in this particular instance confidence. God is at work always and I know that through my life He can use me for His good.

This post is a good reminder for me (and many!) always. We can get caught up in the social media craze and being "liked".

September Post: Bitterness of the Heart

That month God opened my heart and made me realize how much I needed to forgive others even when the hatred from them was still there. It doesn't mean that people will not judge you, say unkind things to you and try to hurt you, but you will be freed when you forgive those who attack you. Learning to have a forgiving, loving heart is difficult but it is important in our journey with God.

October Post: Sharing Secrets

In this post I reiterate how important it is to share you story with others. We all have our own stories and we all can be used for the glory of God.
For nothing is hidden except to be made manifest; nor is anything secret except to come to light. If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear. Mark 4:22-23

November Post: The Big 2-5!

This is my 25th Birthday post! I decided to reflect on 25 things I am thankful for. It is so refreshing and so uplifting to see how God works in our lives through the many blessings He gives us. This post reminds me how much God is at work in my life and how much He loves me.

December Post: To be determined...but I have a post that I am super excited to share with you guys next week! It will probably be my favorite for December.

If you blog, do you have a favorite post for the year of 2014?

If you read my blog, do you have a favorite of mine for the year of 2014?

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