Monday Mommy Musings

It's Monday.

The Monday after a break.

Our normalcy was broken up with awesomeness and then Monday showed up. It did not show up bright and cheery. It did not show up bringing joy. It did not show up with even a glisten of a smile.

It showed up with me having to pry myself out of a warm bed 20 minutes after my alarm went off.

It showed up with me having to warm up my coffee a billion times.

It showed up with kids forgetting what the rules of the house were.

It showed up with my son asking why daddy had to go to work today...several times over.

It showed up with pull-ups being filled and no potty runs. Oh and he didn't want me to change his diaper. The reasoning? I talk to daddy a lot more. I only talk to you sometimes. Daddy needs to change me. 

It showed up with my daughter absolutely exhausted, but refusing to nap. So she had to cry. That never goes over well. For her. For me. For anybody.

It showed up with piles of laundry surrounding almost every room of our house. I haven't folded one of those piles yet.

It showed up with me eating spoonfuls of chocolate frosting. Hiding those bites from my son who is currently watching a cartoon to be quite while his now sleeping sister naps.

It showed up with me realizing my house is always a mess and it probably always will be.

It showed up with me wanting to crawl back under my covers and hit the reset button.

Hello Monday.

I hope your brother Tuesday shows up with a glimmer of greatness.

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