We have a Polly Pocket situation folks!

You will need a bit of a back story to understand what a Polly Pocket situation entails. 

I slept in my parent's bed until I was three years old. I'm not saying that this was my parent's fault but since I have a little girl who refuses to sleep in her own crib at night at 17 months old and I know I created that problem...I think I can place part of the blame on them. 

My sweet little sleepy sister slept in her crib when they brought her own from the hospital and I continued to only want to sleep between my parents at night. 

I'm sure this became a really old problem. 

I mean...I was three. 

My parents must have been surviving on coffee. 

The story goes that I saw some little girls at church playing with those awesome Polly Pockets in the pew. You know, the cool Polly Pockets that actually could fit in your pocket. Not the weird ones that they make today. 

I really, really wanted one. 

However, my mother informed me that only big girls who sleep in their own bed get to have those big girl Polly Pockets. 

Weeks (possibly months) went by. 

I never said anything else about the Polly Pocket. 

One morning my parents woke up and I wasn't in their bed. I'm sure they panicked a bit. They found me sound asleep in my own bed. 

When I woke up all I said was "Polly Pocket?" 

My mom took me straight to Walmart and let me pick out any Polly Pocket that I wanted. 

I slept in my own big girl bed from then on. Although I still liked to climb up in my parent's bed and lay in between them to talk way into high school. Actually, I still would if I could. 

They other night as I was laying in bed with my baby girl and my husband sleeping soundly next to me I began to realize that we have a Polly Pocket situation. 

I'm not saying that Remy will still be in bed with us with she is three, however she could be. I can easily see bringing this new baby home this summer and our little girl still sleeping in bed with us. I'm not saying we will have to bribe her with a Polly Pocket, but there may be some future bribing when Remy understands a bribe. 

All I know right now is our current sleeping situation is our little 17 month old girl sleeping in between us in bed all night long. She has slept in her bed a few times through the night, but it's a rarity. The normalcy of our life is survival and that survival includes Remy sleeping in bed with us. 

I'm tired.

My husband is tired.

My babies are tired.

So at least we sleep. My husband gets kicked a lot. I have a little person trying to steal my pillow or strangle me with a sleeping hug around the neck. Remy enjoys the freedom of being the one in charge who can sleep however she pleases.  Bryson sleeps well and uninterrupted in his own bed. 

As a parent you pick your battles and this particular sleeping problem is not a battle now, but may be in the far future. 

However if you do not want an extra body in your bed for months and months to come I suggest you do not nurse your baby to sleep every night, rock your baby to sleep every night, toss your baby in bed when you feel like a zombie and can't take another minute standing up bouncing him/her back to sleep or letting your baby control your own sleeping habits. I'm guilty of all of this and I believe it has resulted in the Polly Pocket situation. 

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