Being Offended

I came across this quote from Lysa TerKeurst many weeks ago and had to ponder it for a little while.

Just because we feel offended doesn't mean we must be offended. It's a choice. May we be wise in this. 

First of all, I have not always been wise in this.

In the world of social media and constantly being connected with others it can be easy to take offense to something that wasn't intended to offend you or maybe even intended for you at all. If you are a woman such as myself you read into things way too much.

Maybe you felt ignored by a friend. That feeling of ignorance which has led to your feeling of being offended may honestly be the fact that your friend is busy and overwhelmed.

Maybe your friend shared something on Facebook that you didn't agree with or posted something that you thought was a jab at you. Again you feel offended, but it may have not been intended to offend you. 

Maybe you read something either on Facebook or on a blog that's message was intended for a bigger purpose but you couldn't help be read into all the little details and take offense to something that wasn't meant to offend you. 

I have felt offended many times, but I chose to be offended. 

I have felt offended a few times because I truly was offended. 

I believe most of the time we can truly tell the difference between what was meant to offend us and what we chose to be offended by. Usually when someone means to offend us it is blatant and obvious. 

That is why, for Christ's sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong. 2 Corinthians 12:10

I, once again, fall to my verse of the year. 

If I was truly meant to be offended, delight in that weakness. 

If I was not meant to be offended, delight in that weakness. 

We are a weak people that is only made stronger through Christ. 

However, when we begin to dwell in the offensiveness there is a tendency to not celebrate Christ in our weakness. Instead we dwell on ourselves. On those offenses. On those insults. On the hardships. On our own difficulties. We do not give them to God. We do not ask him to help. We become self absorbed in those offenses. 

Let us not become absorbed in ourselves. Let us become absorbed in Him so that when we make our weaknesses known, His strength His made known more. 

May we be wise. May we be weak. May we be strengthened in Christ. 

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