Faith Sustains

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This post has been sitting as a draft for weeks.

I'm just going to put it all out there and be honest.

I was waiting for inspiration to strike me down. I wanted something amazing to drop into my lap. I wanted something worthwhile to stumble across.

Today is the deadline.

I'm still not sure what I am going to write and so I simply pray and trust that God will speak through me as my fingers move across the keyboard.

Marriage is difficult.

Anyways, that is what we are told.

This June my husband and I will have been married for five years. Maybe we have yet to hit that difficult road we must journey together? Maybe we have yet to hit the point where we start to grow apart? Maybe we've just been extremely fortunate in our expectations of marriage? Maybe we just go together like bread and butter?

Do we struggle?

Heck yes we do.

But I would never classify marriage as difficult at this point.

I credit faith for this. Faith that God will sustain us. Faith that God will be with us. Faith that God will see us through in everything. He has.

In our 4 1/2 years of marriage we have welcomed two beautiful babies into the world and we will welcome one more days before our 5th anniversary. We've been busy. We've been given much in terms of family.

We have beautiful, healthy children who stretch, grow and challenge us daily but that provide us with a substance I consider glue.

Those children have bonded my husband and I together even more over these short years. We look at their sweet faces and know instantly how fortunate we are to have them. We laugh. We cry. We yell. We live life. We experience life together.

When you throw parenting into the mix of your marriage, you are told it becomes even more difficult.

Maybe it does for some. For us, it has grown our faith in the Lord even more. Faith that He will provide. Faith that He will lead us. Faith that He will protect our family. Faith that He will lead us in the right direction when we do struggle in our marriage.

A 19 month old does still sleep in our bed nightly. It's safe to assume that bedtime is not as romantic and bonding as it once was.

Faith again, sustains.

Marriage is a mix of a lot of things. No couple is perfect at all of them. Communication, finances, family, sex, romance, daily household chores and several other small, but important features that all are lumped together in what is called life.

I don't expect perfection between my husband and I. We fail. We stumble. Yet our faith fills in the gaps. Our faith that the Lord is with us and is part of our marriage. The Lord, He gives us grace. He gives us love. He shows us how to be better spouses in order for our marriage to work.


Faith sustains a marriage.

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