Two syllables. So much meaning. 

The sweet, soft mama that gently rolls off your 18 month old's tongue as she looks at you with sleepy eyes and wants to simply be held by the person who gives her the most comfort. 

The sad, harsh mama that escapes underneath the nursery door as that same 18 month old cries for an entire minute before she passes out into deep slumber much needed for her afternoon nap. 

The clear, perfect mama that is sometimes spoken as mom or mommy now by your 3 year old as he speaks to you in full sentences and thoughts carrying an everyday conversation. 







Tickle Monster. 

Time Out Giver. 

Reader of a million board books. 

Mean Mama.  

Funny  Mama.

Pretty Mama. 

My Mama. 

Tired Mama. 

Mama is full of meaning and full of description. Mama is full of love and full of discipline. Mama is full of care and emotion. Mama is full. Full of happiness, full of joy, full of care, full of life. 

It's not always easy being a mama. There may be (many) moments throughout motherhood you doubt your worth or your ability. You may doubt the way you mothered that day. 

Mama is full of forgiveness and full of grace. 

We are full of these things because of One, because of Our Father. He gives us all of these things so we can give them to our children, His children. 

He knows we will struggle. He knows we will fall to our knees. He wants us to. He wants us to realize we need Him in motherhood. He wants us to empty ourselves so that He can fill us back up. He wants us to ask for Him. 


Full of His goodness. Full of His grace. Full of His strength. Full of His love. 

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  1. So very true!!! The word mama means so many different things throughout the day to us... There are sometimes I do doubt myself and then others I feel great it is a constant up and down!! Love this
    Chelsea @

    1. It's a roller coaster ride for sure! Thanks for reading and visiting my blog. :)


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