A Letter to My Pre-Momma Self

Dear Pre-Momma Self,

You are about to be tossed into a completely new world. One full of opinions. One full of how-tos. One full of people filling your head with mumbled, contradictory thoughts on how to raise your child. 

You may break down.

Your husband may find you in a pile of tears at the end of the day. 

You may feel like you are failing your child.

You will not fail. 

Other moms will tell you what to do. They seem so experienced and you may take their advice too seriously. 

Their experience and their opinions will not equate to success in your own parenting. 

There is no copy, paste, repeat button on this mothering gig. 

That's a good thing.

Each child. Each mother. Each family. We are different. Embrace it. 

Motherhood is full of opinions. Develop your own and respect others. If there are moms who cannot respect your own decisions, shake it off. Continue to be respectful, but continue to practice and voice your own opinion as well. 

Silence can be both weakness and strength. 

You will be silent when you should have been loud and you will be loud when you should have been silent. You will learn. 

Thousands of studies will come out. 

Your kid watches too much television.

Your kid needs to be vaccinated.

Your kid shouldn't consume any sugar. 

Your kid doesn't go to bed early enough.

Your kid doesn't need to take naps after two.

Your kid needs to drink low fat milk instead of whole milk. 

Your kid shouldn't sleep with you.

Your kid needs to be breastfed until age one. 

It's overwhelming. It's opinionated. Some of it is ridiculous. Some of it makes sense. Some of it science backs up. Some are backed by celebrities. Some are backed by doctors. Some works for your child. Some doesn't work for your child. Some of it will not matter much in the end!

You will not fail. 

Moms will argue all day long on the right way to raise your child and your family. There is no right way. There are millions of good ways. 

You will not fail. 

The baby weight. Oh the baby weight. You will gain a lot of weight. You will look back in photos and realize how chubby your cheeks were. However, you'll look back in photos and see that sweet baby that grew so safely within you. It's worth it. The weight will come off. 

Some moms will lose their baby weight quickly.

Some moms will take years to get the baby weight off. 

You will have to exercise. I know. The word makes me cringe. 

You will have to watch what you eat. But you love sugar! You will find a balance. 

Your closet will be filled with all sorts of sizes. At least you have some clothing to pick from. 

Your husband will still find you incredibly beautiful and your kids will look at you with eyes of amazement because you are their mother.

You will not fail. 

You will begin to shop all of the time for your children and never for yourself. Your budget may be tightened with the addition of more children. You may have to make some financial sacrifices. You may think you will never go on a vacation ever in your life. 

You will not fail. 

You will realize there is not enough time in the day for your husband. Babies take up a lot of your precious time. The breastfeeding, the cuddling, the rocking to sleep, the walking and bouncing when the rocking is not working, the poopy diapers which results in another bath for the day, the pure exhaustion when baby finally closes their sweet eyes. 

Your marriage will not fail. 

You will not fail. 

Your faith will be stretched. Your faith will be renewed. Your faith will grow as you look at your children, but you may feel like your faith is challenged when it comes to finding time to talk to the Lord. You find time. Washing dishes. Doing laundry. Picking up toys. These are all times you can have a conversation with God and realize how thankful you are for those dirty dishes, dirty clothes and scattered toys. 

You will not fail. 

Motherhood is hard. It's not suppose to be easy. You will falter. You will stumble. You will break under pressure. It's exhausting. It's humbling. It's full of joy. 

You will be just fine in this whole new world full of love, opinions, hardships, late nights rocking a baby to sleep, minimal showers, cups full of coffee and laundry piled as high as Mount Everest. 

You will survive and you will blossom as a woman. 

Those children that you will have, they will shape you into a beautiful woman, a beautiful mother. 


Your Momma Self. 

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