Letting Creativity Overpower the Mess

Unnecessary messes scare me.

You know the kind.

Finger painting, spaghetti and even markers. Anything that could possibly stain my carpet or their clothes or provide a thirty minute cleaning job is something I usually try to stay away from.

Yep. I'm that mom.

Sending my three year old son to art class once a week has been a wonderful way to allow his creativity to spark and for this mom to be free of a mess.

Again. I'm that mom.

Art class was cancelled.

Freak out moment from both myself and from my child.

My son began melting down and my heart completely broke. 

I quickly told him we could do an art lesson outside and I'd go inside and see what I could find to do some art. 

I went inside the house and checked through our small stash of crafting supplies. Thank goodness we've had Citrus Lane for so long and have built up a few items. 

I kept peeking around the corner at the backdoor and I could see my son peeking back at me through the window. His little eyes barely cleared the to bottom of the window and as soon as he saw me he ran towards the picnic table with pure excitement. 

I was able to come up with watercolor crayons and paper. 

It said it would wash out and we were outside, so I wasn't as nervous about a mess. My heart was more broken for him because he truly wanted to go to his art class. I could clean up a mess today. 

Sometimes I let my tendencies of what is easiest as a mom overpower what is fun. Afterall being a mom is completely exhausting. Why would we want to add more work to our already overworked schedule? 

However, there are moments like these where the need to satisfy my child's creativity overpowers the mess. Plus I'm very fortunate and my son is a very careful artist. He doesn't like making unnecessary messes. Bless his little heart, but he probably got that from me! 

Then there is this child...

I have a feeling unnecessary messes will be her specialty. 

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