Mom Shaming: You haven't showered for how many days?

Let's get really real here. There have been weeks I realized that I was spraying dry shampoo into my hair for the 4th time that week. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I'd be to that point! After having my first child I still showered every day. Add on that second child and there are much more important things to do than taking a shower in your "free time". 

Which we know that your free time isn't really free. It's quick, fleeting moments that you have to take advantage of when you can to you know, heat up your coffee for the 16th time that day.

This is me with two kids. I'm literally freaking out about showering when number three comes along this summer.

After having my second child I remember seeing several first time moms commenting on different posts or creating posts that totally bashed moms who went out without doing their hair or make-up for the day.

I'm all about doing my make-up. I'm not one who really loves others to see me without it on. However, there are days that I actually forget about putting myself together when it seemed a miracle I was able to get out of the house with two children and all their stuff in tow.

I'm afraid when baby number three makes her appearance that I will be running out the door still in my pajama finest, bra-less and all!

The truth is having little people is difficult. 

Their needs come before yours 99% of the time. One day I will have the time to figure out how to do that hairstyle I have pinned 100 times on Pinterest or I will have the energy to take a shower and actually blow dry my hair. 

I'm not quite sure the last time I used my blow dryer...

I'm a pretty low maintenance gal. I think my husband very much appreciates this. I never take that long to get around, but who has the time when you are changing diapers, trying to throw clothes on wriggling bodies and remembering to pack everyone's must have blanket and sippy cup of milk or trying for the tenth time to give them a breakfast they will actually eat.  

Don't worry. I'm learning the fine art of body spray and dry shampoo. 

Truly, it's an art and it's under-appreciated. 

I don't think anyone wants to smell the mommy funk of spoiled milk, sweaty pits and whatever else happened to be dumped upon me. 

Okay, so some days it isn't that bad. However, there have been days my husband has walked in the door from work and I've ran to the bathroom screaming I NEED A SHOWER!

I'm all for the put together mom. You look fantastic. However, don't shame me because I didn't have an hour to put myself together this morning. I rolled out of bed with my toddler on my hip reaching for the Keurig. 

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