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Stay at Home Mommy Look

I've never been much of a t-shirt gal until I started finding all of these adorable, comfortable mom shirts. They work so well for being at home most of the day but feel much better than a baggy t-shirt to me. 

I ordered the Mama Bear shirt a couple weeks ago and it's one of my favorites. However, with my pregnant belly it sticks the shirt out a lot and I already have a lot of pilling right on my tummy. Anyone want to gift me a post-pregnancy one? ;)

I love boyfriend jeans even though currently at 27 weeks I'm mainly in the yoga pants phase of my pregnancy. The Gap has stylish jeans that I love and wear really well. 

Wrenn Jewelry is currently my favorite jewelry go-to! I now own three pairs of her earrings and a ring. I have a feeling that collection with slowly continue to grow as I can affordably add on to it. The earrings are extremely comfortable and so pretty!

In my world you cannot go wrong with a good pair of Toms. (referral link disclosure! Click on Toms and you will receive $20 for your first purchase on their site and I'll benefit too!) I absolutely love Toms shoes. They are comfortable, easy to throw on, most of them are easy to throw into the washing machine to wash and the fact that a child gets a pair of shoes with your own shoe purchase is pretty awesome. 

The messy bun. I have pretty short hair right now but with enough bobby pins and clips, I can still manage to get my hair up in a tiny messy bun. My husband calls it my "hot mess" look. I call it "my two minute hair do". :)

What is your favorite "mom look"?

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