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I feel that I have to share about the maternity clothes that I just received in the mail this week. After having two summer babies and being pregnant with a third one you would think that I would have had some cute dresses, shorts and tank tops to accommodate my baby bump.

You would be wrong.

I'm not sure how I managed to never buy any maternity summer clothes in the past but I wasn't going to let it happen this time around.

Old Navy has some cute maternity clothes. Well. They looked cute online so I was hoping that they would be cute when I put them on. I was not disappointed and the first thought that came across my mind I may get pregnant again just to wear these clothes!

I purchased the two dresses featured, the pair of shorts and the tank top (plus a few more tank tops!). 

Now it looks like I need to buy some accessories to dress my items up...

Old Navy is having a sale right now on some of these pieces plus a coupon code! I purchased during the time they had 35% off so they were a steal! I bought the dresses for around $13 each, the shorts for $16 and the tank tops for $6 each. 

Maternity Dress Style

Summer Maternity Look

Maternity Spring Style

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