This Love That Completely Absorbs You

These kids have my heart. 

Nothing in life prepares you for the overwhelming amount of love, frustration, happiness, stress, joy and abundant fulfillment that you come to find in the journey of motherhood. 

The day the doctor placed Bryson in my arms I had no idea how much my life was about to grow and evolve in that moment. I became a mother. I became so much more than I already was just by birthing that sweet baby boy. 

With the beginning of life for Remy Jean, I became even more. God grew me by another little person. Another little life to train up in the ways of the Lord, in the ways of love, in the ways of kindness. Another little life to love immeasurably. Another little life to laugh with, to enjoy, to savor every moment with. 

I'm 29 weeks. 29 weeks pregnant with our second baby girl and I can already feel myself growing. Growing as a mother, growing as a woman, growing as a daughter of Christ. 

These children.

These beautiful, amazing children that somehow by the hand of the Lord grew so perfectly within me are part of me. Not because they grew within me, but because they are growing with me now. 

I watch them grow daily. 

I see their little heads spinning. 

I see their little feet running.

I see their little hearts grasping. 

Grasping for love. Grasping for understanding. Grasping for more. 

I'm praying that I help them continue to grasp. I pray I continue to help them search daily for Jesus in their life. I pray I continue to show them kindness, to show them love, to show them all of me that has been made in Christ. 

We are all running. All grasping. All searching for Jesus daily. 

I have been completely absorbed by love. 

It is a love that only God could have given me through the lives of my children. 

May God continue to grow within me, within them and within those who surround us all so that we may always strive to be the sons and daughters we were created to be. 

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