When Google is Just a Bad Idea...

My son was sick last night. 

He is 3 months shy of 4 years old and it was the first time we've dealt with him throwing up. So when it happened this momma because incredibly worried. 

His temperature dropped in the low 97's and once dipped a bit lower than that. 

What could that mean?!

I could have just called someone who would know.

I looked at the clock.

It was after 10. 

Okay, Google do your magic. 

Magic was indeed done by Google. It magically turned this worried momma into one that was frightened beyond belief. 

My child is going to DIE!


At one point I was sure he had something so horrible we would be rushing around to get him to the ER. 

I was laying in our room keeping our little girl asleep while my husband was out taking care of our son. 

I texted him the links to the articles I found.

It wasn't much longer and our bedroom door slowly creaked open. 

"Put down your phone. Our son does not have meningitis."

I put down my phone where it continued to die of a low battery. 

Die phone, die. 

And while my phone is at it, Google may as well take a little visit to you know where. 

Sometimes Google is just a bad idea...

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