Happy Day After Mother's Day!

Yesterday was Mother's Day.

I became a mom almost four years ago when Bryson Bradley entered this world 11 days late, 9 pounds and 4 ounces later.

I was a tired, swollen mess who had just labored for over 30 hours and pushed for over 5 hours, but he was absolutely perfect in every way. When they placed him on my stomach after I delivered him I'm sure my eyes doubled. My first thought was he is a HUGE baby! He was gorgeous and still is incredibly handsome. Most of the time I can't believe he is ours. 

Then along came Miss Remy Jean.

I was induced with her the day after her due date at 8 a.m. and she came at 4:14 p.m. Quite the different story from our sweet Bryson. She was everything little girl in my opinion. So tiny and petite. My heart was so happy.

And now...now we are waiting. Waiting for the sweet third addition to our family that will cause my heart to overflow with love and joy. Waiting for the sweet third addition to our family that will add another dose of sweetness to what we call our family.

I feel her move daily.

She's present.

She's here.

But, I am ready for her to be in my arms.

I am ready for my two children to meet their little sister.

I am ready for my husband to be wrapped around the finger of another little girl.

I am ready to see what she looks like.

So we wait as patiently as possible knowing that when she arrives our hearts will be full.

Happy day after Mother's day to all the moms who have labored, who have waited, who have cried tears of joy, who have cried tears of sadness, who still wait for their blessings, who mother children who were not born from their own body but from their heart. Mothers are made every day in many ways and you would not be here today if it was not for a mother.

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