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I have not posted about a deal for a long time on my blog, but this one was too good not to post! 

I am always trying to find fun items for my kids to play with that do not involve technology. They have their fair share of cartoons and "kindle time" but I like good old creative fun. 

Amazon has some of their Melissa and Doug items Buy 2, Get 1 FREE right now. You can bet I scooped up a few more items for my kiddos! 

One of our favorite products is this one:

We currently have the Vehicles and the Animals. We keep these in the car for the kids. They both LOVE them. Our almost 2 year old and 4 year old is kept entertained for a good thirty minutes or more in the car with these. The pen is so nice because you just fill it with water. If they spill some water...who cares! Worse has been spilled in our car. The pages dry out pretty quickly so once they go through all 4 pages the 1st one is usually dry. Great entertainment!

I purchased two more of these to keep in the car to change out so they didn't have the same book each time. 

The second product that both of my kids are loving right now is this one:

We actually have the Pirate one of this which is not on sale. Bryson received it in a Citrus Lane box a year ago or so. Remy just recently started stealing it from him so I decided she needed her own. The stickers are reusable so they can keep sticking them and they are puffy which is pretty awesome. This provides for a good half hour of entertainment for my kids. 

To see which products you can purchase Buy 2, Get 1 FREE go HERE

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