People Are Not Like Succulents But Sometimes a Mom Has To Be

Do you know how often you water a succulent? 

Not often.

It's a pretty forgiving, hardy plant that can withstand you accidentally abandoning or neglecting it. 

People are not like succulents. 

People like to be watered often. 

People like to be noticed.

People do not like to be abandoned or neglected. 

That's fine and dandy until you become a mom. 

When that little person is put in your arms you know your world is going to change, but did you know that you may have to learn how to be like a succulent?

The baby comes first and trust me when I say that baby takes up a ton of your precious time. 

The times before baby when you could drop everything and do something with a friend is gone. 

It vanished with the naps, the breastfeeding, the tantrums, the fact that sometimes you cannot even talk on the phone because the screaming, whining and tugging on your clothes is too much for you to handle. Thank the good Lord for texting and the ability to connect with someone via chat over your computer when you are having technical difficulty with some sort of product. 

Some days you may be able to make it out with your child. Then you add that second child and everything changes again because you have two little people to drag around with you and the chance that they will both behave is slim. I'm about to add a third. With a newborn, a two year old and a four year old I am sure my "going out" will be my backyard. 

So you learn to be like a succulent and you learn how to find friends that are also learning how to be succulents. 

I have had succulent friends and I have had those who preferred water every other day, lots of sunshine and pruning. Guess which friends have survived my journey of motherhood so far? 


The succulents. 

It's not that I love them less. I actually love them more. 

They understand. They connect with me. They love me despite the fact that sometimes I forgot we were suppose to schedule a coffee date three weeks ago. 

Oh yes. They forgot too. 

So this is a shout out to my succulents! We will survive these early days of motherhood. We will withstand some neglect so that our children can be the one that we focus on pruning. Fifteen years from now when our children are grown enough we will be able to remember our coffee dates and have them often. 

I look forward to those days but I also love the fact that if I had to choose between coffee with a friend that night or time with my husband who I have barely had time to love on at all that week, my friends know I will choose my husband and be perfectly happy with that because they would do the same! 

Want to know another cool fact about succulents? 

They continue to grow. You can actually take parts off of them and replant them to grow more succulents. Mothers are succulents in that way. We are busy growing our own little unit so that those little succulents (our children) can go off and grow on their own. 

I don't mind being a succulent. They are actually quite cool.  

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